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Why Choose an Independent Agent

An understanding of the various roles of an insurance agent can help with your decision when choosing an agent to assist with your insurance needs. Deborah Williams Insurance Agency, Inc. is an independently owned GlobalGreen Insurance Agency with professionals who have the experience and education to provide the exceptional service you desire from an agent.  Below are brief definitions of each category that reveal the difference in each role. 


Insurance Professionals are agents who may be captive or independent. They serve as an intermediary between the insurance company (or companies) and the insured.  An agent’s obligation to their customers is primarily administrative. That is, agents are responsible for timely and accurate processing of forms, premiums, and paperwork. Agents who are professionals stay up to date in training and education and will conduct a thorough examination of your policy to ensure you have appropriate coverage.

Captive Agent works for only one company and is a “captive” of that company. A captive agent will sell policies only for that insurer.

Independent Agent has a variety of insurers available and offer auto, home, life, business, health and other products. The independent agent can produce proposals from several insurers and offer comparisons of different insurance quotes which provide more choices with better premiums for clients to choose.

Insurance Broker is a broader type of independent agent and can offer a host of insurance products for you to consider. Brokers are required to have a broker’s license which typically means the broker may have more experience than an agent.

A few advantages of choosing an independent agent are:

● You have local access to your agent and can stop in to discuss your coverage.               


● The agent is not “captive” and he/she can provide proposals from                               a number of companies to get the best “fit” for your needs.

● The independent agent has a broader knowledge of what each company has to offer its policyholders.