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A Fast, Free Filing Support 

When it comes to filings, let us take the wheel. If your company needs a filing, we’ll issue all the state and federal filings they need to stay legal. In most cases, our companies submit the filing that same day—so your truckers can get on the road, and in business, fast. It’s important that when customers apply for a filing, they list all commercially owned and-operated vehicles—as well as all vehicles running under their authority—on the policy.


• Auto Liability - Liability Insurance protects you in case you are liable for damage that your vehicle has done to another person or their property. 

• Property Damage - Accidents that result in the damage of property or if your vehicle has unintentionally damaged another person’s property, this will cover the expenses to repair or replaced the damaged property. 

• Bodily Injury - An accident that results in killing or injuring another person will be covered-- the expenses related to the accident as well. 

• Comprehensive coverage is something your lender may require it as part of your loan. If you own your truck already- then this coverage may be optional. 

• You can choose your deductible when your sign up for your policy. Just be sure to choose an amount that you can afford so you are not further burdened if you should have damages to your truck. 

• There are two main types of coverage for Physical Damage insurance: Collision and Comprehensive.

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